Focus Group - Clinical Advice for People with Asthma During Air Pollution Episodes

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Participant Information Sheet

We would like to invite you to take part in a focus group to explore perceptions about air pollution advice. Before you decide whether you would like to participate, please read the following information, and contact us if anything is unclear, or if you would like more information. We would also like you to complete a short questionnaire prior to the focus group, which you can access by following the instructions provided on this link.  

What is the Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI)?

The Daily Air Quality Index is a validated tool that provides information about levels of air pollution and recommended actions and health advice. The DAQI uses a combination of numbers (1-10), words (low, moderate, high and very high) and colours (green/yellow/orange/red/purple) to communicate the levels of pollution expected.  Each of the bands/levels of the DAQI has associated health information and advice for the general public as well as those that may be more at-risk to air pollution.  
What is the purpose of this focus group?

This focus group seeks to develop and better understand usage and perceptions about clinical advice for people with asthma during air pollution episodes, and how current recommendations might be improved. This evaluation is undertaken by UK Health Security Agency (UK HSA). All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. You will not be able to be identified in any ensuing reports or publications.

Who can participate in the focus group?

Anyone who is a registered healthcare professional and qualifies as a doctor or nurse, and ideally has awareness about the health impact of air pollution and experience with giving air pollution advice to patients as part of their clinical practice. Additionally, access to a computer, tablet or laptop and the online platform Zoom will be required in order to  participate, as we will undertake activities, such as reviewing content or completing a poll, that will be shared on the screen.  
Where and when will the focus group take place?

The focus group will be hosted virtually on the platform Zoom and will last for 2 hours. We will ask you to provide your availabilty at the end of  the  survey to identify a suitable date. If you are elgible based on the information you provide, you will receive an email containing an invite with a meeting link with access to the focus group.  

What do I do if I am interested?

Please carefully read the rest of this information page. Then please read the statements on the next page and check your agreement in order to consent to your participation. You will then be asked to provide your email address if you would like to be contacted to take part in the focus group.

This study also involves you completing and submitting a brief questionnaire included within this link by simply following the instructions. This should take no more than 5-10 minutes. You do not have to answer any questions that you prefer not to disclose.
Please note that we will only be able to include a limited number of respondents in the focus group, and eligible participants will be selected based on the information provided as part of the survey to help us identify an appropriate mix of relevant characteristics.
After completing the survey please do not forget to click ‘submit’.

Please note, participation is optional, you are under no obligation to take part and you are free to withdraw yourself from the questionnaire or the focus group at any point.

How will the data be stored and what will the data be used for?

The data you provide as part of the questionnaire and focus group will be securely held in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act of 2018.  

Data from the questionnaire and focus group will be used to help the course authors to understand healthcare profession’s usage and perceptions around the DAQI in relation to patients with asthma, and how the current messages might be improved for at-risk groups.
All data collected as part of this research will not shared with anyone outside the UKHSA.

Please note that you can terminate your participation in the Focus Group at any point, either prior to or during the session. Additionally, you may request editing the transcript of the Focus Group once it has been completed, however it will not be possible to delete data from the submitted questionnaire as these are anonymous and cannot be linked to your identity.

Once the data has been analysed, it may be used in publications in academic journals and reports. It may be presented a variety of academic and professional audiences. All data is anonymous and will only ever be presented when combined. It will not be possible to identify you from the data that you provide.
Who should I contact for more information?

If you would like more information before deciding to take part, please contact:

If you wish to raise a complaint about the study, please contact:

Thank you for taking the time to read this information sheet.
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