Late HIV Diagnosis Review                                                                                                                                                                        


Thank you for taking the time to respond to this Late Diagnosis Review Protocol (LDRP).


This online tool should be used to report information on late HIV diagnosis review outcomes among patients attending for HIV care at your clinic. More information on how to conduct a late HIV diagnosis review can be found here.


Through this data collection we are aiming to gather information about the missed opportunities that may have contributed to failures in the prompt diagnosis of HIV. We know that late diagnosis has a significant impact on people living with HIV. It can increase mortality, worsen morbidity and result in higher treatment costs. The LDRP has been developed by the British HIV Association (BHIVA) to support services to meet the standard for auditing all late diagnoses. By looking at the full picture of what may have occurred in the run up to late diagnoses, we can seek to make systemic changes that could promote earlier identification and testing, improving outcomes for people living with HIV and minimising the risk of unwitting transmission to others.


The full LDRP is currently being trialled in the PHE South East region – we welcome all and any comments regarding the content and format of the survey to ensure it is easy to complete and produces useful information for action. We are aiming to produce a regional and upper-tier local authority report identifying key themes about, and recommendations to address, late diagnoses.  

This form is the short version currently available to services outside of the PHE South East Region. This survey allows you to record high level information about late diagnosis reviews you have conducted without asking for detailed information about the process and characteristics of missed opportunities identified. If the pilot in the South East is successful, the long form survey will be made available to all services.        

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