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E - Reporting: Monitoring the contribution of community testing to HIV diagnosis in the UK
This secure online tool is to be used by community organisations to report reactive HIV test results among people aged 15+.

Data collected are pseudo-anonymised, with soundex codes collected instead of surnames, to maintain confidentiality and prevent the identification of individuals. Pseudo-anonymised information and demographic data are used to match to the existing database of new HIV diagnoses and monitor the contribution of community organisations to diagnosing HIV.
- This form can only be completed in a single session; partial responses cannot be saved due to data confidentiality.
- If you have any queries, please contact the HIV and AIDS Reporting team: or tel. 020 8327 7921 / 7453.
Contact information
To report a reactive HIV result from a test carried out by your community organisation you must supply your contact information. You may be contacted to verify your identity, clarify your responses or follow-up missing information.
Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
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